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Projects that are either in the planning stages or currently in production

AKA Stuff We’re Working On

Houston:  City of Faith

A documentary film about Christians in Houston, Texas whose faith influences their everyday life and decisions.

Questions Explored and Discussed:
  • How does a person’s faith influence everyday life?
  • What difference does a person’s faith make in day-to-day decisions?
  • What challenges and opportunities do Christians experience in a politically and socially polarized culture?
  • How do Christians see their role in the city?

Black Health Matters

A documentary film exploring the causes of and solutions to the high rate of mortality among African-American men in America, told through the lives of the men who have survived.

Questions Explored and Discussed:
  • Why do African-American men have the highest rate of mortality of prostate cancer in the country with the most advanced medical system in the world?
  • What obstacles to African-American experience to early detection and treatment?
  • What sources exist to help African-American men get the detection and treatment they need?


A documentary film exploring village life and the Greeks who live abroad but return each year to Leonidion and Poulithra, Greece.


Questions Explored and Discussed:
  • What makes the same people return year after year to the small villages their parents and ancestors come from?
  • What connection do the Greeks living abroad from these villages have to their culture, language, way of life and religion?
  • How do Greeks living abroad from these villages maintain their sense of identity?
  • Why do they return each year? What is their motivation?  What are they looking for?

Cities at Dawn

Cities at Dawn is an observational documentary shot over two years in London, Paris, and Venice. The film is the story of California photographer Antony Epps and his English wife Diana as they go through the trials and tribulations of self-publishing their photography books.


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