About Us

It Started as a dream…



Houston Creative Media is HCM Associates, LLC, a Texas-based, family-owned company focusing on storytelling through media production.

Our company was born in 2016 to fuse technology, innovation, and creativity, and to create truly meaningful art.  We wanted to use video and audio to reach, educate, and inspire.  We’ve done a good job so far, and we have high hopes to continue to do so.

What are we about?

At the core of our work is one idea:


We focus on using video and audio to tell stories and help to bring hope to the world. whether that involves helping people take action, or simply to inform and educate.   Our work is our service to the world, and we strive to partner with people who are taking action through their service to make the world better.

Sounds idealistic?  Yes, it is. Everything that makes the world a better place begins as an ideal. Only when an idea is put into practice can it become meaningful.

As our CEO describes, we are “compassionate capitalists,” a company that uses its influence to do good in the world, without sacrificing the dignity that comes from honest work. Work, as our CEO often says, is blessed by God.

Are we good?

We think so.  We hope you do, too.  We’ve achieved international recognition (2018 Greek Event Awards Bronze Medal) and we were the recipient of a 2019 Lone Star Emmy for a medical documentary about a leading cancer doctor, and a 2020 Lone Star Emmy as editor, motion graphic artist, and sound engineer for a nature documentary.

In the last five years, we’ve not only won three major awards (2018 Greek Event Awards Bronze Medal, 2019 Lone Star Emmy, and 2020 Lone Star Emmy), our Creative Director has appeared in three commercials in the UK, two of which were with our business partner Viddyoze.

When you partner with us, you’re partnering with people who care about your business and success. We wrap our arms around all the technical aspects that make running and promoting an idea overwhelming so you can focus on doing what you do best – reaching your customers and your audience.

Our focus is on creating content for products, services, and messages to inspire your audience and help them take action – whether buying a product, engaging you for a service, or being uplifted. 

We tailor the content we create to your audience and deliver it in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

We leverage the power of social media, websites, television, radio, and podcasting to advertise and promote ideas, brands, goods, and services.

We partner with the best freelance talent and partners to create compelling content for all digital media platforms.


And there’s more

As a family-owned company, we recently opened offices in Athens, Greece, and Vienna, Austria, to expand our EU reach. We’re also the co-owners of the Filmcenter Trianon, an independent Cinefilm (Arts) theater in the heart of Athens, Greece, and NoTraditional, a Greek nonprofit focusing on promoting the arts and local culture in Greece and Cyprus.  


We’re proud members of the International Documentary Association.



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